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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Key to Me Therapy uses music that has been digitally altered to calm the nervous system. Repeated calming of the nervous system will enable the individual to begin to self-regulate and attend more fully to activities. A calm nervous system enables the brain to focus on cognitive growth and learning. In addition, calming the sensory system of an individual with autism helps them feel safe and comfortable in their own bodies, perhaps for the first time. The result? A happier, more connected individual who is better able to handle the unexpected and to develop improved comprehension, communication, attention and self-expression.

Many individuals with autism acquire language in a less traditional manner. Key to Me helps individuals with 

autism continue to advance by isolating and improving their perception of the frequencies associated with speech and language. Improved perception of these frequencies helps to improve both receptive comprehension and expressive language abilities. 

Some individuals on the spectrum with high-functioning abilities may do well in certain situations--acquisition of details, extremely capable with computers and technology, etc.--but struggle with scenarios that require "big picture thinking." These individuals may be experiencing a notable processing difference between the two hemispheres of the brain and tend to exhibit stereotypical "left-brain abilities." Balancing the two sides of the brain and improving how they communicate with each other can make a significant difference to these very capable individuals. 

Finally, sound sensitivities, attention difficulties and processing speed can all make socializing difficult for individuals on the spectrum. Key to Me's therapies help heal sound sensitivities while improving processing speed and the brain's ability to attend to and respond to social language. 

Autism spectrum disorders: Service
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