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Dynamic Listening Therapy

Dynamic Listening is a powerful, technology-based approach to improving auditory and sensory processing. The brain, like any other muscle, can grow and change in response to proper input. Dynamic Listening utilities iLs technology to exercise targeted areas of the brain by filtering and altering frequencies embedded in music. The music makes the information palatable to the brain while the isolation of specific ranges of frequencies exercises identified areas of weakness. Providing the brain with repeated input in unique, individualized combinations helps to improve the speed and accuracy of processing which, in turn, can help with a wide array of challenges.

Why Dynamic Listening? At Key to Me, we recognize that the brain is a complex system and that each person’s processing needs and deficits are unique. That’s why we have chosen the best technology available to create protocols that are highly individualized and ever-changing or dynamic. We do not implement therapies that are “one size fits all.” Rather, protocols are specifically designed to address personal deficits and then change and respond as an individual progresses.

For therapy to be effective and yield rapid, long-term results, individuals need a program that is specific to their needs and is delivered in a setting in which their defenses are down so that they are receptive and productive. Key to Me is committed to doing what it takes to create this successful combination for each client we serve. When working with children, we orchestrate sensory and social play during listening sessions to ensure that each child feels safe, relaxed and happy.  For teens and adults, we implement individualized therapy that takes place at home or in conjunction with age-approach augmentative therapies at our center.

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