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Safe & Sound Protocol

Based on the work of Dr. Stephen Porges, this powerful listening technology helps individuals make dramatic gains in calmness, attention, social communication and learning. Individuals who are in an anxious or heightened state of fight-or-flight are not readily able to learn or connect to those around them. Through decades of research, Dr. Porges was able to determine that improved processing of the frequencies associated with social language has the unique ability to calm the body and reduce the tendency toward fight-or-flight. Reducing fight-or-flight let’s the brain focus on more complex tasks such as learning, attending and socializing. The Safe & Sound Protocol filters and alters music so as to train the brain’s auditory pathways to focus on these central frequencies. Since implementing this program, we at Key to Me have seen significant decreases in anxiety as well as consistent improvements in learning, attention, connection, and social communication.

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