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Auditory Therapy Success

When we brought our son to Key to Me it felt like we were on a boat that was taking on water and we were just moments away from drowning. He previously was a child who adored school and interacting with his peers and staff so much so that he tried to bring them all home. To say our boy was joyful when he saw his teacher and Para professional out in the community and in school was an understatement.

Upon his arrival at Key to Me he was scared, broken, fearful and suspicious of strangers as a result of having had terribly negative interactions with staff at his new school. He would scream & cry each time he arrived at school when he had expressed such joy each day at his old school. It was heartbreaking!!

My husband and I lost sleep trying to trouble shoot the whole situation. His sister, our extended family and friends were all equally as concerned because our boy has always been such a happy, loving, friendly boy who just rejoiced in his relationships with people. Now he was fearful and distrustful and we knew we had to pull out all the stops.

A few of our son's friends had tried Key to Me and each had great success. It had been something we had wanted to try but life got busy and we didn't make it a big enough priority. Wow do we wish we had smartened up faster because every day our son attends Key to Me is a blessing! Our joyful, trusting, loving, happy, silly boy has returned and it has changed our entire family's lives.

His behavior had become unpredictable and we never knew if we would need to abandon plans with even our most trusted/loved friends and family members as a result. He refused to attend his community Special Needs sports programs he loved because one of the scary staff members also attended. His fight or flight response was always elevated since arriving at that school and he got nervous if we hugged him too long. We couldn't even get him in the church doors anymore. Birthday parties and play dates were exercises in futility! Our boy was lonely and struggling and we had to find him hope again. He was a boy who thrived best when allowed as many social opportunities as possible.

Key to Me is a place you can safely drop your children off. Our son has a seizure disorder so I stay just in case and all I hear is happiness & joy from our son as he plays and does his therapy with Alex, Chris and their wonderful staff. He can't get rid of me fast enough when we arrive. He tries to delay his departure too because he's having so much fun and making so much progress. Our boy isn't afraid of strangers anymore!!!! 😁

He's happy & back to his friendly, loving, demonstrative self as we harken the arrival of new words & the return of old words. He's listening to directions the first time asked. His cognition has increased significantly already and we are eager to see what else will come.

Key to Me is a blessing for our family. Any parent who is considering dynamic listening therapy would be remiss if they didn't meet with Alex and Chris to brainstorm how best to help their child too.

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